Raising Funds with LB

Tripple Berry Pie

Raising money is essential to every organization or school in America whether it’s for valuable extracurricular activities or just to keep your group going.  Legendary Baking will make your job easier and more successful.

Gourmet pies are a simple and fun way for schools and groups to raise money with something that everybody enjoys and buys.  We’ve been making great pies for over 45 years now and you can take advantage of our experience to raise money for your causes. Everyone loves pie and our products are a tasty and great way to raise funds!

From traditional apple and pumpkin to our signature flavors like French silk and Oreo® Cookies and Cream , we have the perfect selection to satisfy every taste.

Legendary Baking pies come already made and ready to eat or ready to re-heat and serve so, they’re easy to enjoy whether it’s for a special event or just a night in, our signature pies make any time special.  We invite you to connect with us and find out just how easy and successful it can be to raise money for your cause with Legendary Baking pies.


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