Our Uniqueness

We are often asked, "what makes you different from other dessert makers?"  The simple answer is, we will not compromise on quality but, there’s a lot behind that simple answer.  The best way to illustrate is with a few examples.

We at Legendary Baking like to say, "it all starts with a great crust."  That’s why we make sure our shortening and flour are just the right temperature before we mix them.  Ingredient temperatures can make the difference between a good crust and a great crust. With nearly 50 years of experience, we know the right ingredient temperatures and the best way to mix them to ensure the crust is light and flaky every time.  Making sure each ingredient is the correct temperature before mixing is not easy but, as we've said, we won't compromise.

For fruit and fruit pies, most people agree that whole slices of fresh fruit and whole berries are best when it comes to great flavor and texture.  We go through great pains and even reject some fruit to make sure that what we source is the very best available and, the way we place the fruit in the pies keeps the size and integrity of the fruit intact.  So, when you slice a Legendary pie, you see nice whole berries or whole slices of juicy and delicious fruit.

Unlike some other dessert manufacturers, our fruit is cooked only once - when the pie is baked.  We call this a "cold fill" pie which simply means, the filling isn't cooked before being baked in the pie.  This is the best way to assure the fruit still has texture to it and to capture all the delicious flavors.  This method is more difficult but, hard work and no compromises makes for the best tasting desserts.

To hear more examples of how we won't compromise on quality, get in contact with us and we can share more stories OR, better yet, we will show you and let you taste what makes Legendary Baking so unique.