Our Story

A legend isn’t created overnight, it takes years of commitment to a craft. For nearly 50 years we at Legendary Baking have perfected the art of baking gourmet pies and premium desserts. The legend began in 1969 at a single restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa. They served homemade fare of soups, cold sandwiches and fresh baked pie – cream pies and double-crust fruit pies - so good they quickly earned a reputation comparable to the pies grandma made.

Word got around about the pies’ reputation and soon after, Elvis visited the restaurant.  Ok, that's not true but, that first restaurant was purchased and renamed Poppin’ Fresh Pies. More eateries were opened and before long, demand for the pies outgrew the restaurants’ ability to bake them. As a result, they began making pies on the moon.  Ok, that's not true either but, centralized bakeries were started to assure fresh pies were always available.

In 1983, the owner and franchisor of Village Inn Restaurants purchased Poppin’ Fresh Pies and their bakeries and changed the name to Bakers Square. Over the years, the legacy of premium pies endured and our bakeries began producing pies for customers beyond the two restaurants.

In 2010, the independent bakeries were renamed Legendary Baking®, and we are now the award-winning bakery division of American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC.. Based in Denver, Colorado, we are a leading provider of premium pies and baked desserts for restaurants, grocery retailers and others across the U.S. Our product lines include nearly every type of gourmet pie you can think of as well as a full assortment of premium baked desserts like galettes, brownies, cookies, cakes, cobblers, crusts (that's a lot of "c's") and fillings to make your own desserts. 

Since 2003, Legendary Baking has won over 750 Blue Ribbons at the APC National Pie Championships.  Why should you care about all of our awards and all the history we have behind our desserts?  Because we can make you look REALLY good and who doesn't like that?


A record 71 blue ribbons won at the National Pie Championships


Bakeries renamed Legendary Baking


Legendary Baking starts winning lots of blue ribbons at the National Pie Championships


Restaurants and bakeries purchased and renamed Bakers Square


Separate stand alone bakeries created


First restaurant started in Des Moines