About Us

For nearly 50 years, Legendary Baking has perfected the art of baking gourmet pies and premium desserts. Based in Denver, Colorado, Legendary Baking serves restaurants, grocery retailers and others across the United States by supplying a variety of baked desserts and custom bakery items. Legendary Baking’s delicious roster of products includes pies, galettes, dessert bars, brownies, specialty cakes, cream desserts, cobblers, cookies, crusts and fillings.  Since 2003, we’ve won more than 750 Blue Ribbons at the APC National Pie Championships.  We invite you to peruse our site and engage with us in some way, whether it's through the phone or Facebook or whatever method strikes you we don't care but, we should warn you, the more you learn about Legendary Baking the more of a fan you'll become.  We look forward to it!